Jam Class

warm-up-guitarAre you waiting to join a Jam Band?

Jam Class is a drop in group class, part jamming and part skill building.  Each element is designed to help you sharpen your skills, meet other players and have fun playing through tunes.

During the Jam Class you will play through classic rock songs that have been selected to tune up a specific skill.  This includes strumming patterns, bar chords, rhythm, moving between chords, listening to and playing with others, plus tips on soloing and fills.

Sound like fun? Send us an email info@alcornmusicstudios.com or give us a call 613-729-0693.

Instructor:  Justin Black, guitar teacher and JamBand coach.
Dates: 2018-2019 dates to be determined.
Time: 6:00 – 7:00 PM
Registration Fee: $20 per week.
For more information or to register call 613-729-0693 or email:  info@alcornmusicstudios.com