Warm-up! for guitar

warm-up-guitarDo you need to build on your technique and jamming skills before you are ready to join a JamBand?

Warm-up! is a 6 week guitar class, part jamming and part skill building.  Each element is designed to help you sharpen your skills in preparation for joining a JamBand.

Each week you will play through classic rock songs that have been selected to tune up a specific skill.  This includes strumming patterns, bar chords, rhythm, moving between chords, listening to and playing with others, plus the first steps on how to build a solo:

#1 Chords – building chords and bar chords.
#2 Strumming – common strumming patterns & tips.
#3 Picking Patterns – with fingers and picks.
#4 Keys – Figuring out song keys.
#5 Riffs – Blues riffs to get you started.
#6 Soloing – The basics of a solo.

Sound like fun? Send us an email info@alcornmusicstudios.com or give us a call 613-729-0693.

Instructor:  Justin Black, guitar teacher and JamBand coach.
Date: 6 weeks – Fall dates to be announced
Time: 7:00 – 8:00 PM
Registration Fee: $110 (payable in full)
What to bring: your guitar and a binder for hand-outs.
For more information or to register call 613-729-0693 or email:  info@alcornmusicstudios.com