Elise Letourneau specializes in jazz and soul styles, in addition to contemporary and classical.  Elise teaches intermediate to advanced students, and coaches vocalists interested in building a repertoire. Elise teaches jazz piano, classical and jazz theory.  Elise Letourneau

Lindsey Sikora teaches voice & piano. Lindsey teaches contemporary, classical and Broadway styles and music theory, teaching students of all ages. Lindsey Sikora

Terri-Lynn Mitchell  offers a wide range of services including voice, piano, music theory and music history lessons. Terri-Lynn teaches students of all ages. Terri-Lynn Mitchell

Ramita Arora teaches voice and guitar accompaniment, songwriting and beginner piano.  Ramita teaches all styles specializing in pop, blues and song writing as well as teaching voice and guitar together. Ramita Arora

Elizabeth Bruce – teaches voice, piano and song writing. Elizabeth teaches classical, contemporary, folk, pop, broadway and music theory.  Elizabeth teaches students of all ages. Elizabeth Bruce

Steve Berndt teaches pop & jazz voice, for those looking to broaden their style and phrasing techniques. Steve Berndt

(leave of absence 2016) Vocal Instructor – Ben Russell teaches Rock, Pop, Blues styles. For students who already have soe vocal training and and want to learn the specifics. Ben Russell