PlayPLAY! for those who want to meet like minded musicians, get together once a week, and participate in guided  jams with a coach.  A focus on learning songs from the ground up while picking up the basic skills needed to play the best show possible – tailored to suit your skill level and meet your goals.  Come out, get together, play.

We consider style of music, age and ability when putting together the bands to make sure you have an awesome experience!

  • Perform in popular music venues.
  •  Photo-shoot at your live shows.
  • Gain experience soloing.
  • Learn tips about music gear.
  • Learn to how listen to the other instruments & play within the band dynamic.
  • Learn new performance skills and stage presence.
  • (optional) Record a cover song.
  • Receive a digital download of your recording.
  • Learn 3 or more songs per semester.
  • Play your instrument and/or sing in a band with a full time band coach

About JamBand  WARM-UP!    PLAY!    GROW!    LAUNCH!