Play Well with Others

play well with others

Instructor – Ann Downey
Dates: 8 weeks Thursdays beginning Feb. 22 – April 19, 2018  (no class March 15)
Time: 7:30 – 9:00 PM
Registration Fee: $160 (payable in full no refunds)
Ages: Adult with some experience on your instrument, beginner and up.
Call 613-729-0693 to register or email with any questions

Ann is delighted to offer a general folky-rootsy learn to “play well with others” group course. This course is aimed towards people who play and sing at home by themselves, or want to learn more about what to do in an informal jam, campfire, or song circle situation.

The basic focus of the class is for people who are used to playing mostly at home alone, or with teachers at lessons, to have a chance to play informally with a group, as if in a acoustic folky jam or campfire or kitchen party.

This isn’t officially a band class, there are no recitals or performances slated at the end of the session. It’s entirely about participation.

For the first class I’ll bring some straightforward simple song(s) that might be familiar, hand out lyric / chord sheets, and we’ll pile in playing / singing with whatever level of participation you’re comfortable with.

I am very open to letting the group dynamic (interests and levels) flavour the approach – and will be asking about specific concerns, and for requests for songs and tunes you’re interested in playing. After the first class, but before the next I’ll email one or two songs (and numerous youtube clips!) to give you a chance to prepare for each following week.

We’ll also discuss key changes (capoed and otherwise) and use some basic music theory to work with chord progressions – as needed only! Also as applies to simple harmony vocals.

We’re aiming for a class size of 5-7 people, to allow for the best part of being in a group (i.e. not in a spotlight unless you want to be) as well as being able to hear yourself while listening to each other.

I can give instrumental tips on several instruments, but my best will be guitar, bass and banjo. I welcome any instrument you want to bring, so long as it doesn’t drown everyone else out (or can be played so that you can hear others over it). We won’t be amplifying anything that can be heard acoustically.

Ann Downey has been playing bass, banjo, guitar and singing in bands for over 40 years, and she is experienced in learning how to play well with others! click for bio