Jazz Jam Workshop

jazz workshop

Jazz Workshops

We are passionate about what we do – our Jazz Workshops are fun, great social times, and are good learning experiences.

These Jazz  Workshops are for older students and adult musicians – musical concepts will be addressed to help each musician in the group move forward in their playing and improvisation.

Open to all instruments who are at least an advanced beginner. Basic instrument skills in reading and improvisation and standard jazz repertoire a prerequisite. There will be guitar and bass amps, piano, drums,  and music stands to use.

Tuesday/Wednesday/ afternoon and evening jazz workshops are under the direction of jazz guitarist and music educator Tim Bedner.  These 1 and 1.5 hour jazz  workshops have some instructional components as students play through jazz standards.

Students gain an understanding of the changes, chord/scale relationship for improvising, following the song form and getting to know lots of great tunes.

Pre-requisite – students should have some foray into playing through changes and improving.

Fee: $30 or $36 per session depending on workshop

If you would like more information or are interested in joining please email  tim@alcornmusicstudios.com

Please Note: This is a “less Scent” class we ask all participants to avoid wearing perfume, body spray or cologne.