Jam Band

A wonderful program! I would recommend it for anyone looking to get into a band or to learn how to perform as a band. A great and supportive environment which always helps given how hard it can be to put yourself out there. A truly exceptional experience. I’ll be back. (Adult Jammer for 4 years and counting)

I have been involved in the jam band program since its inception. It is an amazing opportunity to learn how to play with other musicians and the staff and band coach are very supportive and encouraging! Through this program you also get to play live gigs at local establishments. If you want to try playing in a band this is the place to start. (Adult Jammer for 7 years and counting)

When you Join a JamBand you Join a Community!
We have, Rock Bands, Acoustic Bands,  Country Bands, Blues Bands, Folk Bands, Cover Bands,and Original Bands. Our members return year after year, they call us their musical home.

The Fun Includes:
Weekly Sessions – Song Writing – Studio Recording – Fulltime Band Coach – Photoshoot – Band Video – Play Live Shows.

Get teamed up with like minded musicians! We have bands for all ages! Adults and Kids!

What is Jam Band?
Bands are put together bands based on playing abilities, musical tastes and age – or you can bring your own band ready to rock. You will have a full-time Band Coach every step of the way. We help you choose music, teach you how to play together & how to write original tunes. You will do a recording session, get photos, play live stage shows and have a whole lot of fun!
Who can join?
Jam Band is for adults and kids!
What level of skill do you need?
At least a year or more experience on your instrument is a good rule of thumb.
How often?
Your band meets once per week for one hour or more with your band coach.
How long?
Semester 1 is Sept. to Jan. and Semester 2 is Feb. to June.
But you can join anytime if we have a band waiting for members.
What do I bring?
You just need to bring your instrument. We provide the rehearsal space, guitar amps, sound system, drums and keyboard.
We want you to have an excellent experience playing in a band, developing your musical skills and playing live concerts!

Jam Band is flexible with several options to choose from depending on your bands abilities and goals -click the links for details:

1. The Jam Class – Are you waiting to join a Jam Band? Jam Class is a drop in group class, part jamming and part skill building.  Each element is designed to help you sharpen your skills, meet other players and have fun playing through tunes. click here for more details

2. JamBand Play! –  Come out, get together, play. This is the starting point for the majority of the bands.  Some bands continue in the play program for years while others choose to perform more frequently and opt for JamBand Grow.

JamBand Play is for those who want to meet like minded musicians, get together once a week, and participate in guided  jams with a coach.  A focus on learning songs from the ground up while picking up the basic skills needed to play the best show possible – tailored to suit your skill level and meet your goals.

We consider style of music, age and ability when putting together the bands to make sure you have an awesome experience!

  • Practice towards performing in popular music venues.
  • Build confidence on your instrument, gain experience soloing.
  • Learn more about music gear and the equipment used on stage.
  • Pick up tips and tricks while playing with others.
  • Learn new performance skills and stage presence.
  • Develop repertoire and learn 3 or more songs per semester.
  • Professional photo-shoot at year end showcase.
  • Practice towards performing in popular music venues.
  • Play your instrument and/or sing in a band with a full time band coach.
  • Enjoy a laid back, yet dynamic learning environment.

3. JamBand Grow! This next level is for bands that have been part of the program for at least a year and are ready to focus more on developing their band skills and performing more frequently.  Working closely with your coach in weekly one hour sessions or workshops you will develop skills to help your band continue to grow.

  • Learn how to rock your music as an acoustic or electric group.
  • How to adjust your sound to play to any venue size.
  • Build confidence on the stage.
  • Receive feedback and band critiques after performances.
  • Learn about creating a great set list.
  • Professional photo-shoot at year end showcase.
  • Hone the skills to write and record original material.
  • Perform more frequently in popular music venues.
  • Rehearse at least one extra time per week, outside of the program

Registration  Info:

Sept 2019 – JamBand start dates will be delayed a few weeks this year.

Start date: Jam bands start the first week of September.  However there is ongoing registration throughout the year for bands that still need instruments or vocals. Please contact us if you are interested, fees are pro-rated.

Jam Band Payment method: You can pay in full when you join, or in two payments for session one and session two, or you can leave either a credit card number or post-dated cheques on file with us for monthly deposit.

Jam Band Policies:  

  • Students are expected to attend weekly and practice their jam band music at home in between sessions.
  • Please provide payment in advance.  JamBand is a semester based group class and we do not offer credits or refunds for individual missed classes.
  • On statutory holidays there are no JamBand classes.

Contact us for current session fees.

call 613-729-0693 but best to email info@alcornmusicstudios.com  to ask questions or to give us some info about your instrument and experience and see if this program is right for you. You will be connected with the JamBand coach to chat more.