Jam Band Registration

Fall 2018 registration 

Start date: Jam bands start the first week of September.  However there is ongoing registration throughout the year for bands that still need instruments or vocals. Please contact us if you are interested, fees are pro-rated.

Jam Band Payment method: You can pay in full when you join, or in two payments for session one and session two, or you can leave either a credit card number or post-dated cheques on file with us for monthly deposit.

Jam Band Policies:  

  • Students are expected to attend weekly and practice their jam band music at home in between sessions.
  • Please provide payment in advance.  JamBand is a semester based group class and we do not offer credits or refunds for individual missed classes.
  • On statutory holidays there are no JamBand classes.

call 613-729-0693 or email info@alcornmusicstudios.com to get more details, give us some info about your instrument and experience and see if this program is right for you.