About Jam Band

Join a JamBand!
We have, Rock Bands, Acoustic Bands, Cover Bands,and Original Bands

The Fun Includes:
Weekly Sessions – Song Writing – Studio Recording – Fulltime Band Coach – Photoshoot – Band Video – Play Live Shows.

Get teamed up with like minded musicians! We have bands for all ages! Adults and Kids!

jamband photoWhat is Jam Band?
Bands are put together bands based on playing abilities, musical tastes and age – or you can bring your own band ready to rock. You will have a full-time Band Coach every step of the way. We help you choose music, teach you how to play together & how to write original tunes. You will do a recording session, get photos, play live stage shows and have a whole lot of fun!
Who can join?
Jam Band is for adults and kids!
What level of skill do you need?
At least a year or more experience on your instrument is a good rule of thumb.
How often?
Your band meets once per week for one hour or more with your band coach.
How long?
Semester 1 is Sept. to Jan. and Semester 2 is Feb. to June.
But you can join anytime if we have a band waiting for members.
What do I bring?
You just need to bring your instrument. We provide the rehearsal space, guitar amps, sound system, drums and keyboard.
We want you to have an excellent experience playing in a band, developing your musical skills and playing live concerts!
Jam Band is flexible with 4 options to choose from depending on your bands abilities and goals -click the links for details:    WARM-UP!   PLAY!  GROW!  LAUNCH!

More Questions? send us am email info@alcornmusicstudios.com or give us a call 613-729-0693