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Alcorn Music Studios Jam Bands going strong since 2006.

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Get teamed up with like minded musicians! We have bands for all ages! Adults and Kids!

Ben Russell

We have the best band coach in the business ready to work with you! 

Ben Russell of bandcoach.ca.  Ben is a dedicated, experienced, professional band coach who works with the bands full-time from initially putting the bands together through every rehearsal to band concerts at pro music venues in Ottawa.


What is Jam Band? We put together bands of musicians with similar playing abilities or we also coach bands that are already formed, and we help you choose music, how to play together, intros, endings, stage show and have a whole lot of fun along the way!

What level of skill do you need? At least a year or more experience on your instrument is a good rule of thumb.

How often? Your band meets once per week for one hour with your band coach. Days: Jam Band runs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Your bands time slot will be decided once the band members are selected.

How long?  Semester one Sept to Jan.  and Semester two Feb. to June. We also get bands started mid-year and pro-rate our fees.

What do I bring? You just need to bring your instrument and we provide the rehearsal space, guitar amps, sound system, drums and keyboard.

We want you to have an excellent experience playing in a band, developing your musical skills and playing live concerts!

Here are some of the Jam Band Highlights you receive:

  •  Special masterclasses on using gear, promoting your band, rhythm section msterclass, vocal masterclass.
  •  Perform live in Ottawa’s best music venues.
  •  Receive a DVD of the final concert.
  •  Professional photo shoot and band poster.
  •  You have input in the tunes you play and you can work on original tunes.
  •  You will learn how to work together as a band, blend your sound, and create a groove.
  • You will learn how to make your own custom arrangements.
  •  You will learn about song writing and write and perform your own original songs.
  •  You will learn stage performance, and what it takes to put on a live stage show.
  •  You can receive a discount on jam band registration when you sign up for private instruction at Alcorn Music Studios.
  •  You can invite your friends to see you rock out on stage at live Ottawa venues.
  •  A dedicated band coach means continuity from week to week, he knows your band, he knows your sound, he knows your arrangements.
  •  Your band coach will be with you all the way helping you progress, cheering you on and helping your develop a style and bring out your best!

We consider music style, age and ability when putting together the bands to make sure you have an awesome experience

More Questions? send us am email info@alcornmusicstudios.com or give us a call 613-729-0693