Emily Moore

Emily Moore is an accomplished alto saxophone player, currently working to complete a degree in Music Performance at Carleton University, while studying with Mike Tremblay.

She has played with a wide range of ensembles, big and small, as well as her own solo performances. In school she was often the “go to girl” asked to help out other students on their parts, and as a student in the present and the past, she brings the knowledge of what it is like to be on both sides of the teacher/student relationship, and as such is open to feedback and always strives to make her students feel comfortable.

Emily has background playing in various styles. While her focus is jazz, she also comes from a heavily classical background and has studied saxophone technique extensively. She also knows music theory well, as she completed the Royal Conservatory of Music’s Advanced Rudiments of Music Theory.

Whatever your goals may be, Emily is flexible and eager to come up with a study plan that will work for you and round you out as a player; focusing on technique, on studies, on musicality, and on whatever styles you might wish to explore beyond that, while also establishing a strong practice routine to help you achieve your goals.

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