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Jazz, blues, swing, and Latin styles will all be explored and explained in a big
band setting. Learn about your instrument, playing a solo, playing as a section
and playing as a band. Expand your reading skills and knowledge of music theory.

Mike Mullin Big Band MondaysDirected by Mike Mullin. Saxophonist, composer & conductor Mike Mullin has been active as a professional musician since 1975. He has performed and recorded with the Central, Naden and Stadacona Bands of the Canadian Armed Forces, the National Art Centre Orchestra, and has collaborated with many high profile solo artists. He is a regular performer for musical theatre productions and is currently a freelance musician based in Ottawa.

Intermediate Big  Band: All ages welcome. A minimum 2-3 years playing experience and good reading skills.

Senior Big Band: All ages welcome. Band members will be chosen after the first week based on the ability of individual players.

Feb 12, 2018 Semester 2
Registration is ongoing – check in with us to see what instrument chairs are open!
Directed by Mike Mullin. Saxophonist, composer & conductor.
Semester 2 Starts Feb 12 – End June 25, 2018 (No class Feb 19, March 12, April 2, May 21)
Rehearsal Times:
– Intermediate Band: 6:00 – 7:30 PM
– Senior Band: 8:00 – 9:30 PM
Registration Fee: $240 semester 2 (payable in full)
Class minimum: twelve
What to bring: Band members need to bring their personal instruments, a soft pencil and eraser.  We will supply the music, music stands, piano, drums, guitar/bass amps and PA system.
For more information or to register call 613-729-0693 or email:

“The Monday Night Big Band at Alcorn Music Studios is an opportunity for those players wanting to participate in a large ensemble to do so in a relaxed and productive manner. The senior band is sufficiently challenging for seasoned musicians and covers interesting material.  

The program that stands out is the earlier junior/ intermediate band portion. Maestro/ band leader Mike Mullins runs a very effective class for those looking to grow and learn.

His approach is based on real world situations and the participants gain much from it. Instead of simply running through charts and books and moving on, much emphasis is put on time, groove and the way the music feels.

Teaching the students to feel the time in their feet or clapping 2 bar patterns, trying to make things “swing”. Also nudging students slightly out of their comfort zones with key changes, solo spots and last minute substitutions. In some case “without” charts!!  But always in a positive and non competitive manner.

This allows the player to gain much confidence for actual live performance situations.
Highly recommended for those wanting to grow and move to the next level ”  Andre Ferraton – drummer/percussionist


Check out the Fall Semester recordings!
8:00 PM Band – Big Swingface


6:00 PM Band – Moten Swing